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Welcome to my site!

My name is Emil and I love to learn new web technologies and do creative work.
I also think that frontend testing is fun.

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What have I done until today?

You may think that this is just an ordinary portfolio page… and yes you’re absolutely correct!

However, I’m not an ordinary person. I’ve a passion for creative work. experience within the e-commerce and telecommunications industry, where I've worked with both frontend and backend.

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New website for UPS - Desktop and mobile version.

Uppsala Politices Studerande

Created a new website with NuxtJS, Vue.js and Netlify.

Website optimization for mxfutbol.bet - Screenshot of desktop and mobile version.


Improved website performance.

Screenshot of Redtecc website on desktop and mobile


Created a new website with NuxtJS and a headless CMS.

What have I done until today?

I’ve taken the role as frontend developer, designer, full-stack developer, project leader, product manager and web performance analyst in some of my recent projects. 🎨


I’ve worked with a lot of amazing people and this is what some of them said about me…

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”Emil was a key player in the launch of our new site and brand. With expertise, good structure and quick turnaround times he successfully achieved all project deadlines.”


Founder & Business Development @ Redtecc

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